LYN Lingerie is a young independent Swiss lingerie and swimwear label

Founded 2010 the label focuses on creating modern and luxurious dessous with intricate destails, innovative
designs and the highest comfort.
The exclusive products aim to enhance the confidence, comfort and beauty of the women wearing them.
Worn beneath other layers, thus staying a secret for most, they nonetheless radiate outwards.
The women wearing LYN feel sexy, sensual, confident and playful.
All designs are designed and handmade in Switzerland. This ensures the highest quality in fabrics and
LYN was created by Evelyn Bozzolini and Ramona Keller, both trained fashion designers, who put their passion
and experience into creating and refining their dessous and swimwear collections.
Unable to find a commercial producer that can meet their standards, all designs are produced at their studio
under their supervision. Being perfectionists they source their fabrics only from Switzerland and Europe.

photo: sara merz